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By Raghunathan

Don’t Sprint The Marathon begins with a foreword about ambition in parents and the subsequent obsession over success that corrupts the necessary capabilities of a growing human being. Raghunathan intersperses the book with a number of models that employs people who achieved success and happiness in considerable measure due to their persistence in the marathon that is life.

Parents push themselves and often, as an extension, drive their children to chase objectives and strive for bettering their performances in academics or sports. But the author dissuades such behavior in this guide and maintains the importance of engaging a more self-paced environment. The book eggs the readers to really live life in a manner more suited to their choices. Although primarily intended to prepare parents for a more responsible upbringing of their children, the book no doubt can be used even for individuals to rethink their own life and its course.

He makes a clear distinction between a sprint and a marathon and stresses on the point of how most individuals lose sight of the marathon and instead concentrate on a number of sprints. Through the book, he strongly recommends bringing up children with a view of long term orientation that shapes a different attitude from one rooted in realizing short-term goals. Coaching the readers through a maze of problems that people are exposed to in living life precariously, the book advocates a more careful remedy to making decisions for their children or in turn themselves. The book engages a number of well-known and relatively obscure people who are living examples of having practiced the tenets of the guide that is being proposed by Raghunathan.

Light on Yoga

By B. K. S. Iyengar

Yoga is not just a physical exercise but is also a way of keeping the mental state intact. Yoga helps in keeping the body fit and fresh and also clears the mind from any stress which indirectly proves to be detrimental when it comes to staying healthy.

The benefits of yoga are immense and hence it is becoming popular across the globe. However, its benefits can be achieved only if it is practiced with proper discipline and order. Hence, this book has been prepared so that readers can reap all the benefits of practicing Yoga in the correct manner.

To give a structured knowledge pattern about yoga, Light on Yoga has been divided in three segments. The first segment deals with the understanding of yoga. In the second part, various yogasanas and kriyas are explained. The third part deals with pranayama, and it covers topics like the techniques of pranayama and its effects.

Crumbs! : Bread Stories and Recipes for the Indian Kitchen

By Saee Koranne - Khandekar

From sheermal to ciabatta, bhakri to baguette - welcome to the magical world of bread-making! There's something undeniably pleasurable about tearing into a soft, hot naan or biting into the light puffiness of a freshly baked brioche, but have you ever thought how wonderful it might be to make them yourself? In Crumbs! Saee Koranne-Khandekar recounts her journey of becoming a bread-maker (initial blunders notwithstanding), and hand-holds the average yeast-fearing, dough-despairing home cook through the deliciously satisfying experience of literally putting bread on their tables. Bite into this book for:
• the complete lowdown on the behaviour of yeast, varieties of Indian flours and their gluten strengths
• Thorough guidance on techniques - from kneading and shaping to proofing and baking
• step-by-step recipes for making a variety of breads and accompaniments
• fascinating stories about the history of bread and some of the oldest, most popular bakeries across the country. Illustrated with stunning photographs, this sumptuous book is a delightful introduction to the art of making bread."

Recipes for Russia

By Smith Alison K

Alison K. Smith examines changing attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about the production and consumption of food in Russia from the late 18th century through the mid 19th century. She focuses on the way that competing ideas based either in traditional Russian practice or in new practices from the rational West became the basis for Russians understanding of themselves and their society. The Russians who participated in the process of self-definition were variously private authors and reformers or public servants of the Russian imperial state. Some had great success in creating a sense of themselves as ultimate authorities on a given topic.

For example, a series of cookbook authors developed a system of writing Russian cookbooks in ways that borrowed from, but were still quite different from, foreign sources. Others found the process of mediating these ideas more difficult; agricultural reformers, in particular, sometimes found traditional practices, now deemed irrational, hard to eliminate. "Recipes for Russia" looks at the process of nation building within the framework of the modern world that is, it looks at the way individuals sought to define their nationality not only against outside influences but also by incorporating those outside influences into some coherent, yet national, whole. While Smith looks at food as part of Russian culture, she also connects it with the social, legal, and economic background that formed the culture, while examining the pre-reform period in significant detail. As a result, Recipes for Russia illuminates the great changes of this period, both in the food habits of Russians and in their views of themselves and of their nation."

Can the Welfare State Survive?

By Andrew Gamble

After the most serious economic crash since the 1930s and the slowest recovery on record, austerity rules. Spending on the welfare state did not cause the crisis, but deep cuts in welfare budgets has become the default policy response. The welfare state is seen as a burden on wealth creation which can no longer be afforded in an ever more competitive global economy.

There are calls for it to be dismantled altogether. In this incisive book, leading political economist Andrew Gamble explains why western societies still need generous inclusive welfare states for all their citizens, and are rich enough to provide them. Welfare states can survive, he argues, but only if there is the political will to reform them and to fund them.

Collective Action

By Hardin Russell

Public choice, an important subdiscipline in the field of political theory, seeks to understand how people and societies make decisions affecting their collective lives. Relying heavily on theoretical models of decision making, public choice postulates that people act in their individual interests in making collective decisions. As it happens, however, reality does not mirror theory, and people often act contrary to what the principal public choice models suggest. In this book, Russell Hardin looks beyond the models to find out why people choose to act together in situations that the models find quite hopeless.

He uses three constructs of modern political economy--public goods, the Prisoner's Dilemma, and game theory--to test public choice theories against real world examples of collective action. These include movements important in American society in the past few decades--civil rights, the Vietnam War, women's rights, and environmental concerns. This classic work on public choice will be of interest to theoreticians and graduate students in the fields of public choice, political economy, or political theory--and to those in other disciplines who are concerned with the problem of collective action in social contexts.

Outstanding Books for the College Bound: Titles and Programs for a New Generation

By Angela Carstensen, Angela Cartensen

Connecting teens to books they'll truly enjoy is the aim of every young adult librarian, and the completely revamped guide Outstanding Books for the College Bound will give teen services staff the leg up they need to make it happen.

Listing nearly 200 books deemed outstanding for teh college bound by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), this indispensable resource * Examines how teh previous lists in the series were developed, and explains the book's new layout * Features engaging, helpful book descriptions useful for readers' advisory * Offers programming tips and other ideas for ways the lists can be used at schools and public libraries * Includes indexes searchable by topic, year, title, and author More than simply a vital collection development tool, this book can help librarians help young adults grow into the kind of independent readers and thinkers who will flourish at college.

Against Machismo: Young Adult Voices in Mexico City

BY Ramirez Ramirez

Based on fieldwork conducted among middle-class university students primarily at the national university (UNAM) in Mexico City, this study explores gender relations as reflected in the words macho and machismo. The author concludes that the students use them to denote aspects of their families of origin that they consider unfavorable and aspects of the cultural past that they wish to leave behind in their own lives.

In capturing the lively and revealing conversations of these young voices, the author offers a compelling analysis of how gender concepts and identities are changing in contemporary Mexico City. Josue Ramirez received his PhD in anthropology from Brown University. He was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard, an instructor at MIT, and a lecturer in anthropology at Northeastern University. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth."

A Silent Promise

By Namrata Gupta

"It is around two people being intrigued by each other, two spirits understanding each other, and two people respecting each other..." Avantika's rose tinted glasses become dim as she ventures into school with a broken heart. She is in a split second encompassed with a mess of dramatization from individuals around her. Be that as it may, gradually, the DU grounds life charms her and influences her to overlook the experiencing her past, particularly by conveying her to her perfect partner Keith - the one who shows her the genuine importance of being alive.

Everything seems fine, except the nightmare that comes to haunt her over and over. She wishes it away, but cannot. Finally, on the day she experiences some of the most beautiful moments of her life, destiny lays bare a cruel plan. Walk with Avantika as she brings Keith's dreams to reality, and fulfils A Silent Promise.

Everything, Everything

By Nicola Yoon

Destined to be a noteworthy film – in silver screens 19 May. This version has shocking spread fine art highlighting the film's stars Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson. Hazard everything . . . for adoration. Madeline Whittier is oversensitive to the world; venturing outside the sterile asylum of her home could slaughter her.

In any case, at that point Olly moves in nearby. Also, much the same as that, Maddy understands there's a whole other world to life than simply being alive. You just get one possibility at first love. Also, Maddy is prepared to chance everything, everything to see where it leads.

Everything, Everthing is a creative, moving and unfortunately sentimental novel that unfurls by means of vignettes, journal sections, delineations and more . . . 'Lovely and melodious' New York Times correspondence and transaction.

Her Last Wish

By Arpit Vageria

Aamir has never met anyone who understands him better than Anvi. But her passion for investigative journalism scares him no end. She is calling while reporting from a crime scene and promising to switch to anchoring when he hears a gunshot. Will she be able to fulfil her promise? Dhruv can do anything to please Vratika, for he seems bound to her for life. They have been going steady for a while, and he feels she brings smiles and light to his life like no other. Can one misunderstanding in a moment of anger finish it all? For Aamir, little Dhruv is the best gift life has given him. More than just brothers, they are the beginning and end of their family. After years, struggles and pain are slowly fading away in the face of happier times. But one phone call changes their entire life.

Life throws Aamir and Dhruv in a vortex of pain, loss and guilt. While Dhruv wanders for redemption, he meets Sachi. She reads his heart, soothes his soul and brings him face to face with his real self. I Still Think About You is a story of love, brotherhood, passion, dedication, pain, and the depths to which a heart can go to win back lost love.

Tale Spin

By Nickunj Malik, Farrukh Dhondy

Some people see things as they are and turn them happily out of shape while retaining the core. That is the essence of humor and only a few individuals are blessed with felicity to take everyday situations and give them an extra dimension. Nickunj has this talent in abundance and adds to it that equally rare capacity of her subject. Whether she is messing about experimenting in the kitchen or declaring war on the weighing machine or pulling apart siblings, her inside takes on life as she sees it is replete with lashings of laughter and a refreshing warmth that comes from employing humor sans malice.

About the Author: Nickunj Malik's journalistic career began when she walked into the office of Khaleej Times in Dubai twenty-two years ago and got the job. Since then, her articles have appeared in various newspapers including star (South Africa), business times (Tanzania), Bahrain tribune (Bahrain) and Jordan Times (Jordan), where she was a weedly contributor. She is presently based in Amman and is married to a banker who loves numbers more than words. They have one daughter.

The Archie Wedding: Archie in Will You Marry Me?

By Michael Uslan Stan Goldberg

Summary of the Book Archie Andrews has been juggling between his feelings for the suave and sophisticated Veronica Lodge and the pretty and simple Betty Cooper. It is finally time to make the choice of a lifetime. Archie must marry one of the two girls. But who is it going to be? How will this change Riverdale forever, and how will this affect Betty and Veronica’s love-hate relationship? Watch Archie and his chosen bride settle down and have a family in this hilarious classic for all Archie fans.

About the Authors: Michael Ulsan and Stan Goldberg’s iconic run on Archie Comics with The Married Life series is considered one of its best-selling storylines. Ulsan is a movie producer, known for producing all the Batman movies beginning from Tim Burton’s Batman to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was also the first instructor to teach an accredited course on comic book folklore at the university level. Goldberg has worked on Archie Comics for several years, and he is also remembered for his work with Marvel Comics.

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