A Silent Promise

By Namrata Gupta

"It is around two people being intrigued by each other, two spirits understanding each other, and two people respecting each other..." Avantika's rose tinted glasses become dim as she ventures into school with a broken heart. She is in a split second encompassed with a mess of dramatization from individuals around her. Be that as it may, gradually, the DU grounds life charms her and influences her to overlook the experiencing her past, particularly by conveying her to her perfect partner Keith - the one who shows her the genuine importance of being alive.

Everything seems fine, except the nightmare that comes to haunt her over and over. She wishes it away, but cannot. Finally, on the day she experiences some of the most beautiful moments of her life, destiny lays bare a cruel plan. Walk with Avantika as she brings Keith's dreams to reality, and fulfils A Silent Promise.

Everything, Everything

By Nicola Yoon

Destined to be a noteworthy film – in silver screens 19 May. This version has shocking spread fine art highlighting the film's stars Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson. Hazard everything . . . for adoration. Madeline Whittier is oversensitive to the world; venturing outside the sterile asylum of her home could slaughter her.

In any case, at that point Olly moves in nearby. Also, much the same as that, Maddy understands there's a whole other world to life than simply being alive. You just get one possibility at first love. Also, Maddy is prepared to chance everything, everything to see where it leads.

Everything, Everthing is a creative, moving and unfortunately sentimental novel that unfurls by means of vignettes, journal sections, delineations and more . . . 'Lovely and melodious' New York Times correspondence and transaction.


By Stephenie Meyer

Twilight is a vampire romance novel aimed at young adult readers. It is the first novel in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. It presents the story of Isabella Swan, or Bella as she is called. The story is presented from Bella’s perspective. Bella is a shy and mature seventeen-year-old who leaves Phoenix, Arizona, to move in with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington. She joins Forks High School, where she quickly becomes the center of attention, especially among the boys. On the first day of school, she finds herself seated adjacent to Edward Cullen, who somehow seems to take an instant dislike to her. Edward then disappears for a few days. Surprisingly, upon his return, he becomes quite friendly towards Bella.

Bella intuitively knows that there is more to Edward than what meets the eye. Moreover, his abnormal abilities, unusual physical features and strange behavior fuel her curiosity further. One day, Edward saves Bella’s life in a mysterious way. This makes her even more determined to find out the truth about Edward. When she learns about the local tribal legends from her friend Jacob Black, she comes to the conclusion that Edward and his family members are not humans, but vampires who consume animal blood. As the days pass, Bella and Edward fall deeply in love with each other. Unfortunately, the arrival of a new vampire coven in Forks spells trouble for Bella. James, a vampire who is part of the new coven, becomes obsessed with her and wants to hunt her for sport. Bella’s life is thrown in danger, twisting and darkening the plot further.

To Kill A Mockingbird

By Harper Lee

Atticus Finch lives in the fictional town of Maycomb in Alabama and as it is with the Deep South, the southern traditions of relations in race and gender are at the center of this masterpiece. His daughter, Scout is the narrator of the story and she lives with her widowed father and brother. To Kill A Mockingbird first explores the customs of the South, laying down all the quirks and foibles of the neighbors and people that Scout interacts with through her childhood days. The story of how her brother Jem injured his arm at the elbow is what starts off Scott’s reminiscing journey. This leads them to point out that it was the Ewells who set off the entire string of events that brought about the unsavory incident. And this is what is at the heart of the novel. The narrative that is so delicately handled by Lee is insightful and intuitive. Atticus is appointed by the court to defend a black man, Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a white girl, Mayella. However the town doesn’t need a trial since they are steeped in prejudice against the coloured people and to them, Robinson is guilty of the crime.

However, Atticus defends Tom to the best of his ability that turns the residents of this otherwise sleepy town against him and his family members. For the most part, the townspeople engage in hurling insults at the middle-aged man, which is unacceptable to the sprightly Scout. She along with her brother and their friend, Dill manage to disperse the mob of people but the situation grows worse.

Will Tom Robinson serve time for a crime he did not commit and will Scout lose her love for the South as she had before? A poignantly simple tale of losing innocence and more to the law of society, To Kill a Mockingbird does more than just enlighten people. Published in 1960, it won the Pulitzer Prize and became an indispensable part of American literature. It is the most widely read book dealing with the theme of race relations and has been adjudged as the “Best Novel of the 20th Century” by the Library Journal. The book was adapted into a film which won an Oscar award in 1962.

You are the Best Wife : A true love story

By Ajay K Pandey

Ajay believes in living for himself, Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life, Bhavna makes him live in every moment. You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at the world and the way the world looks at them. Until destiny reveals its plans.

This is a true inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life, after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. But her last words, 'you are the best husband' gave him the strength to live on, and fulfil his promise of love. Told with frankness and doses of humor, this heartwarming tale of a boy and a girl who never gave up on their love in face of adversities, ends on a bittersweet and poignant note as Ajay comes to terms with the biggest lesson life has to offer.

About the Author: Ajay K Pandey, story is based on Ajay K Pandey and Bhavna's life-journey, and their love story that has been immortalized in the pages of this book. You can contact him at www.facebook.com/AuthorAjayPandey, and www.facebook.com/YouArethe BestWife. All proceeds from this book will be donated through Bhavna Charitable Trust (an initiative by her parents).

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