By Sanjay Choubey

9th November is the English Translation of the Hindi novel of famous writer, Sanjay Choubey. This novel covers the communally sensitive period of India from 1986 to 1989. The Berlin wall fell on November 9, 1989. The eternal India saw the shilanyas over the birth place of Lord Rama on November 9, 1989. But, around 3 years back on February 18, 1987, he said in Patna – “Problem !!! ... I agree with you, but the marriage between a Hindu and a Muslim, marriage between a Brahmin and a Dalit; these inter-religious and inter-caste marriages are not a problem, but a solution unto themselves.

Confused ! Just think ! It has in it the recipe for absolution from centuries old moribund customs, salvation from social feud and hatred. Even though it shall lead to complete destruction, yet a new society shall evolve, a new family will be formed and a ‘New Man’ shall take birth in this new family...........” “No need to haste....! No coercion..........! Just give a thought...........!” “The ‘New Man’ is waiting to dawn......”

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